Back Country - the fusion-rock band.It was formed by the guitar player Vlad Roze in Kiev on the 1 of May 1991. From thevery begging the band had vocals but afterwords they started playing instrumental music –fusion-rock style. The band's style and musical forms were influenced by musicians like Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix. The band is consisting of Vlad Roze – Guitar/music producer, Maksym Deomin –Drums/percussion, Alexey Parohnenko – bass guitar. The rewards: until the year 2000 theband was participating in the festivals and competitions. In 1998 the band became an awardwinner of the VMF. “The Pearl of the season“ in the nomination rock music. (More details, thereferences are required ) The Albums:
1996 - “The Reflection of Universe”. The studio “Artima” in 2001– the republication of the “Reflection of Universe”. The studio “Kruz Records” in 2004- “Around the World”. On the studio “Kruz Records” in 1997 the video has been made of the composition “The Power of
Silence”. The most biggest rotation on the radio afterpublication of the album has the composition “Trip by Train” - Reflection of Universe.